Current Developments

Please find below the latest information on current developments in the city

Parkland Towne Center

The Parkland Towne Center is a mixed use development located in the heart of Muskego’s downtown along Janesville Road between Lannon Drive and Parkland Drive. The approvals consist of over 50,000 square feet of commercial space along with three (3) four-story apartment buildings. The commercial structures will consist of four (4) buildings that will house a possible future grocery tenant along with many more business opportunities in a 4,000 square foot structure, a 7,500 square foot structure, and a 12,000 square foot structure. The apartments consist of 30 units each with parking on the ground floor and the units rising three more stories above the City of Muskego.

The Parkland Towne Center was supported with a tax incremental district (TID) approval with the City of Muskego. The TID allows various grant incentives to the developer in order to realize a greater development potential in the project. The TID currently shows that the tax base should increase from $37/year to over $600,000/year when fully developed.

As of July 2016 the developer, Ener-Con Companies Inc., had begun the full site and infrastructure improvements for the Parkland Towne Center. Further, apartment building #1 began construction.

In September 2016 Ener Con received approval for their first commercial building on the property. This was for the retail center known as Commercial Building "A" from the original concept plan. The new renderings for this commercial building are found below.

Site Plan & Apartment Rendering (Click image for larger drawing)
NEW Amended BSO PACKET for May 23 meeting 5.jpg
1-FINAL BSO  Supplement Packet small 12.jpg
Parkland Towne Center Building A small.jpg

Cornerstone Single Family Condo Development

Cornerstone Development proposed a condo development of thirty-four (34) units that would include all ranch style structures consisting of eleven (11) two-family structures and three (3) four family structures. The development includes a clubhouse and would have internal private roads that stemmed off of Woods Road and Kurtze Lane. The development received unanimous approval from the Plan Commission on Tuesday October 4, 2016 and from the Common Council on Tuesday October 11, 2016. See the conceptual Cornerstone plans here.

MSP Real Estate Senior Living Center

The Common Council and Planning Commission recently approved a new senior living center that will be located along Janesville Road on the back half of the former Heritage Church property (just west of the Lakepoint Retail Center). This new "age in place" facility will be over 108,000 SF and will be operating on all three employee shifts with upwards of 16 employees on any one shift and intend on creating 65-75 new jobs. 100-120 residents will be in the senior living center at any one time within approximately forty-two (42) memory care units, thirty-seven (37) assisted living units, and thirty-two (32) independent living units. See the site plan and building renderings below. Look for the earthwork to start later this year and the full construction taking place in 2017.
site plan image.jpg
rendering image.jpg

Interstate Business Structure

A new 80,000 square foot business structure was approved in latter 2015 that is to be located just east of ACE Hardware in the Muskego Commerce Center East (north of Wal-Mart). The owner and builder of the project is Interstate Partners LLC. The structure was approved as a speculative development but now has a 30,000 SF tenant in Cosentino. As of July 2016 the walls of the structure were being erected and the structure should receive occupancy in fall 2016.
Site Plan

Edgewater Heights Subdivision

The Edgewater Heights Subdivision is to be located on vacant acreage along the southeast corner of Racine Avenue and Woods Road. The parcel is approximately 55.6 acres in size and looks to house a Conservation Subdivision developed by Neumann Companies. The proposed layout includes thirty-seven (37) single family lots with an average lot size of 21,700 square feet. The lots will lie along two separate cul-de-sacs with one stemming off of Racine Avenue and the other off of Woods Road. Over 50% of the overall acreage is to be reserved for open space and a trail system is planned inside the outlots.

Neumann Companies started the grading and utilities in summer 2016 and was looking to get the north half of the subdivision ready for winter sales. The approved preliminary plat can be found below and Neumann Companies can be contacted here.
Preliminary Plat

Rainbow Childcare

Plan Commission approvals were given to Rainbow Childcare for a new 11,995 square foot facility back in March 2016. The development is to be located west of Taco Bell along Janesville Road. The facility will utilize architecture per the City's adopted Moorland South Design Guide and has begun construction as of summer 2016. Checkout the site and architecture plans here below.
Site Plan

Starz Dance Academy

Starz has been a business of Muskego for a long time within the City's Business Park along Racine Avenue. A new building is now approved along Racine Avenue just south of Fox River Christian Church. Muskego's Plan Commission approved a site and operation plan for Starz in June for a new 9,735 square foot structure that should fit this underutilized site well. Look for construction to begin in the winter 2016/17.
Site Plan

Tess Corners Automotive

A new automotive center is pending approval on the northwest corner of Janesville Road and Tess Corners Drive. The proposal is for a 7,583 square foot structure to adorn the corner and clean up the vacant structures found there today. The project is pending approval of some floodplain modifications with hopes of starting construction by winter 2016/17.
Site Plan